Génération, duplication et spécification, trois étapes du processus de conception pour le Centre des congrès de Riga.

Projet Kip Island

The territorial and historical rooting contributes to the reflection of each project.Amat & Saint-Val Architects firm offers a contextualand programmatic architecture. The conceptionfocuses on an environmental and technical visionof sustainability as we believe every site or projectcontains its own evolution.Amat & Saint-Val Architects firm intervenes at allsteps of the project life, from feasibility studiesto delivery. Its ambition is to provide original anddetailed solutions to any issue raised by a constructionproject. How can we better understand future users’expectations and realise their demands, even theirdreams? The exchange between the architect and theclient is at the core of our practice and allows us toforge links at each stage of the project.